As far as decorating your home, what kind of culture do you belong to?  I belong to the culture that normally overstocks our dwellings. The bigger the room, the more the furnishings. Maybe we believe that open space means that we haven’t got around to putting something there yet. How do you feel about minimalism? Minimalism takes some getting used to. At least for my generation. … Continue reading Minimalism

Status quo

Yesterday I read something from Brian McLaren’s book: “A Search for What Is Real” that just stuck with me. It boils down to this. What God gives comes both free and (hear it comes) it will cost you your status quo. My status quo. Some of us seek God but we don’t really want to find Him. Because some of us have secret things. Perversions or … Continue reading Status quo

Soul soup

A friend of mine once tried clearing up my foggy perception of my inner self. He was very technical about the whole thing. Dividing the innards into body, mind and soul and spending much effort on dissecting this weighty matter into comprehensible morsels. I can’t remember much of what he so learnedly uttered, but I do know some things that are imbedded in my soul. One of them … Continue reading Soul soup